Custom Built vs Off the Shelf

    Custom Built Pros/Cons
    Off the Shelf Pros/Cons

     Quality Components / Higher Cost

     Lower Cost / Lower Quality Components

     Selection of Parts

     Limited Parts Selection

     Local Service / Limited Staff

     800 Service

     Not Preloaded w/ junk/demo software

     Preloaded w/ junk/demo software

     Personalized service - you know tech

     Usually 24X7 service / Foreign techs

Custom Built Workstations

    We can build quality workstations to your exact specifications, or build workstations geared to your particular usage. We can satisfy the most demanding users with a high end, high powered workstation - or provide an economical general office computer for all around office productivity. Any budget, any requirement.

Mass Produced Workstations

    AZNETCO also works with clients in purchasing mass-produced workstations. If you have a corporate preference or account with a manufacturer, we will work with that company to serve your best interests.

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