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Why Backup?

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Top 10 Reasons to Backup

    10 - Theft

    Needless to say, backups are invaluable to those victimized by theft – as long as the backups were not stolen as well!

    9 - Vandalism / Terrorism

    September 11th taught some companies the meaning of Disaster Planning & Recovery and clearly identified those that had not made plans for restoring backups elsewhere.

    8 - Flood

    A customer of ours discovered the value of backups when a heavy rain storm produced major leaks inside the building and destroyed several pieces of equipment.

    7 - Fire

    If good backups are kept off-site, the most important information can be reproduced when needed.

    6 - Intrusion / Malicious People

    Hackers, disgruntled employees, ex-employees, etc.

    5 - Viruses / Malicious Software

    Many viruses destroy data, some viruses and other malicious programs open back doors for further possible damage.

    4 - Power Surge

    Lightning, wind damage, and water can all contribute to surges or spikes

    3 - Hard Drive Failure

    All hardware will eventually fail, hard drives run constantly and are weakened by heat which can accelerate failure.

    2 - Software Failure

    File corruption, bugs, incompatibilities.

    1 - Human Error

    Although not technically a disaster, human error is the single most common cause of data loss.

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