File Servers



    Servers are the core of any network, providing storage and services for client or workstation requests. In varied or combined roles, servers can provide file storage, application services, print services, security and authentication of devices and users.


    AZNETCO deploys custom or off the shelf servers from vendors HP/ Compaq, Dell, IBM, and Supermicro. We can also upgrade, migrate, and convert servers between various roles within organizations. We can address your concerns about aging servers, with your best interests at heart. We won't recommend a replacement that is not warranted, and will always present you with options - after all your business is just that - your business.


    Server maintenance is our top priority. Servers require attention to detail and a proactive action for best results in performance and reliability. We rapidly deploy security patches and critical updates, and ensure that antivirus updates are performed regularly.

Specialized Servers

    Many small businesses utilize one file server that does it all - File Sharing, Storage, Print Services, User Services (Domain Controllers), Exchange Server (email), and even SQL Server. Our Capacity Planning service takes a look at everything your server is being asked to do. Sometimes we will find that there are too many resources being vied for by workstation requests, and will recommend splitting the tasks across servers by adding a new server in a specialized role.

    This may be a dedicated SQL server to handle many client/server requests of a heavily used application, or a dedicated Exchange server to handle many large email accounts and much email traffic. In any case, we will always point out viable options and let you make an informed decision.


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