Repair Services


Hardware Repair

    We repair all makes and models of personal computer - desktop & laptop, servers, and workstations. We hold certifications for IBM, Compaq, HP, and others. We can also recover data from apparently dead hard drives - many times even without sending the defective drive to a clean room. If you have important data you cannot get to, call us before giving up. Some of the typical hardware repairs we make:

Hard drives
Power supplies
CPU Fans
Video Boards
Memory (RAM)
CD/DVD Drives
LCD monitors

Software Problem Resolution

    Don't Reformat Needlessly! We can often fix your problem when others are calling for erasing your hard drive and reinstall Windows - - - WHAT? More often than not, that is akin to using a hammer when a needle is required. We have had many successes repairing Windows and helping our clients avoid a complete reload. There are situations where a reinstall would be a better option, but that is certainly the last option - not the first.

    When your computer is not running properly, or is just plain sluggish - it can ruin your day. Don't accept it - we can make your computer run like it should. Problems with a Windows installation often gets worse over time, so don't wait. We have vast experience with cleaning up Windows and the registry to enable your system to run better and faster. We remove Malware (viruses, spyware, trojan horses, etc.) and repair the damage inflicted by them. We then discuss the best plan for your ongoing protection and optimization. Some of the software problem resolutions we make:

Remove viruses and worms
Remove trojan horses and hijackers
Remove adware and other malware
Fix the Windows Registry
Optimize Windows
Fix issues preventing applications from running properly
Fix 'The Blue Screen of Death'


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