Remote Backup Services

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AZNETCO offers Remote Backup

Off Site Backup Services

Having an offsite backup of your data not only makes sense, in some instances it can be a legal requirement of your business or industry.

The return on investment for any backup strategy is only realized when something bad happens - much like insurance for your automobile. You never really appreciate the relatively low cost of the coverage until you're in an accident and you find that you suddenly need that coverage, and how wise you are to have it.

We monitor Remote Backups on a daily basis and they provide:

  • Remote storage in case of:
    • Disaster
      • Fire
      • Flood
      • Earthquake
      • Theft
      • Fire
    • Software or data corruption
    • Hardware failure
    • Viruses
    • Malicious user Software or data corruption
    • User error (deleting files / copying over important data)
  • Peace of mind
    • Knowing that your data is secure
    • The ability to have any file restored - usually within minutes

Disaster Recovery Planning

AZNETCO has significant experience in planning, developing, reviewing, and testing Disaster Recovery Plans - because the time to find out if you're ready for a disaster in not during one. Call us to schedule your appointment today.

Remote Backup Pricing

Up to 100 GB!            Flat Rate $35 per Month
Additional 100 GB      Flat Rate $10 per Month

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